General Market Portfolio

Our Experience Then & Now

Special Markets Communications is a full service, New York-based advertising, promotion and event-marketing agency. We are run by both seasoned creative types and marketing professionals who do their jobs with a pride of ownership, and we adhere to a single philosophy: No fancy titles or bureaucratic fat. We keep our eye focused squarely on results. We keep our creativity high, our overheard low and our turn-around fast.

For many years, Special Markets has enjoyed a reputation as a premier multi-cultural advertising and promotion agency helping clients capitalize on the important and ever-growing Hispanic market.

Previously, however, Special Markets functioned primarily as a general market agency. At this juncture, Hispanic success has brought us full circle and we are now in the enviable position of working in both markets targeting Spanish dominant and general market consumers alike .Our extensive ethnic and general market experience has been gained over many years across a wide range of industries, products and services- from packaged goods to publishing and communications to financial services and lots of areas in between.

Our track record and credentials speak for themselves. We are fluent in advertising and promotion regardless of language or cultural diversity. We specialize in success.

A Step Ahead

At Special Markets we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, both creatively and regarding the various lifestyles and preferences of the markets we target on our clients’ behalf. Our focus however, is more than just an extensive knowledge of the market place; it is also a thorough understanding of our client’s products or services. In this way, we are better able to develop meaningful advertising campaigns and promotional programs that are well conceived, strategically sound and consumer/customer relevant. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution.

Creativity/ The Competitive Edge

Our experience and marketing savvy is solid. Our creative is fresh, distinctive and memorable because we know, that ultimately, it is the creative work that provides the competitive edge. Our culture is one of uncompromising service as well as quality. And our goal is to help build a client’s brand and generate results that speak to the bottom-line and maximize budgets. Our mission at Special Market is basic yet ambitious. Our job, as we see it, is to help close the gap between where a client is today and where they want to be tomorrow.