Our Creativity and Experience Deliver Results

Our Culture

Special Markets’ culture is one of uncompromising quality, service and cost effectiveness with a vigilant eye on results. We take a personalized approach to each client relationship and everything we do is specifically tailored to individual needs and styles.

Our Mission

We function as an extension of a client’s marketing department to help them successfully target the Hispanic market and strengthen business-building efforts with this important and burgeoning group.

Our Objective

Our objective is to achieve a relationship driven and customer focused marketing strategy that drives revenue and improves bottom-line results. In today’s world this necessitates a different kind of thinking.

Who we are

Special Markets Communications Group is a creative and versatile full service, New York-based advertising, promotion and event marketing agency. While we are national in scope we have a very local focus. We also have over 25 years of experience targeting a multi-cultural, multi-lingual audience with a primary emphasis on the Hispanic market. But we are constantly evolving and today, we are no longer an Hispanic only agency. Hispanic advertising and marketing success has led to general market advertising opportunities. And now an increasing percent of the work we do is for both the Hispanic and general markets.

Our Philosophy

Achieving maximum effect for our clients often requires a variety of skills and disciplines. Whether consumer or business-to-business efforts, we deliver results with a “synergized” marketing approach that is designed to engage as well as explain advertising and promotions that doesn’t interrupt but involves, with strategically sound and customer relevant marketing campaigns that turn selling into sharing. We are great believers in integrated, multi-channel marketing. To this end, Special Markets leverages the convergence of social, digital and emerging media with traditional advertising vehicles.

Our Staff

Our staff on both the account and creative side represents most, if not all, of the major Hispanic sub segments. We have extensive experience gained over many years and across a wide range of industries and services. At Special Markets Communications Group, Hispanic marketing is more than just a translation of a general market concept, it is real understanding of the Hispanic culture.